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So you can spray better

Truly optimised spraying results come from combining the best boom with the best sprayer and the best spray technology.
HARDI offers an extensive spraying equipment range including self-propelled, trailed broad acre, linkage, mistblower and air blast sprayers.

Manufacturing and assembly brings together the best of HARDI components including chassis, tank, pump, fluid system, controls, controller and boom at their facility in Cavan South Australia. Brand names like SARITOR, PRESIDIO, ALPHA evo, COMMANDER, NAVIGATOR, RANGER are renowned for outstanding performance and application precision.

HARDI offers the largest boom range in Australia including FALCON, EAGLE, FORCE, TERRA FORCE, POMMIER B3, TR5 and TR4 to suit both HARDI sprayers and the after market demand.Twin air systems generate a curtain of air evenly distributed under the boom to carry the spray droplets to the target, reducing drift and increasing coverage.

Auto terrain stability and auto height control delivers unrivalled boom performance while inline boom filters protect the nozzle and boom prime primes the boom before spraying starts.

Rate control using On Rate or Dynamic Fluid 4 delivers a whole new level of accuracy and precision to stay on rate no matter what.

The HC 5500, HC 6500, HC 8500 or HC 9500 in conjunction with the sprayer on board job com computer, using the isobus communication protocol, manages the application rate while auto section control provides automatic swath management.

The fluid system is Hardi proprietary from pump to the nozzle. The legendary hardi diaphragm pump can run dry without damage and the smart valve fluid system incorporates the turbo chem filler, easy clean suction and cyclone delivery filter.

Hardi is a leader in nozzle and application technology. Their design, engineering and manufacturing excellence is never compromised and underpins hardi nozzle precision performance and spray quality.

Flat fan, low drift, mini drift, injet and quintastream are designed to maximise chemical effectiveness in variable conditions.

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The greatest advantage of POMMIER aluminium booms over steel is the reduction in weight that significantly improves field performance.

Aluminium is nowhere near as expensive as in the past. It is well proven, reliable and the weight reduction benefits over steel cannot be underestimated.

Every kilogram of weight reduction out on the wings significantly reduces the load and forces transferred back to the boom centre and yaw control when spraying and negotiating headlands.

POMMIER is a global leader in aluminium boom innovation, design and manufacture. Their accumulated 30 years’ experience has defined the profiles, the size and wall thickness of the aluminium extrusions they own and use.

Each POMMIER profile has an inherent low weight with high capacity to bear loads making their aluminium booms structures up to 50% lighter and 20% stronger in the field than their steel counterparts. There is no additional weight out on the wings to generate momentum than is absolutely necessary, enabling POMMIER booms to respond optimally in all field conditions.

POMMIER aluminium booms offer significant longevity and maintenance advantages in terms of corrosion resistance, due to the surface oxidisation which protects the aluminium and needs no paint.



A HARDI Self-Propelled sprayer with aluminium boom will revolutionise your spraying operation. But don't take our word for it try it for yourself!

There’s nothing like climbing into the cab and hitting the field to see for yourself how our state of the art, self-propelled sprayers perform.

At our exclusive ride&drive events, you’ll have the chance to talk to our experts about what makes our sprayers different, and see how pairing them with an aluminium boom is an absolute game changer.

What happens at a Ride&Drive event? Why not find out?