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MANIFOLD fluid system – perfect layout and user friendly

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All the primary functions of operation are built into a centrally located manifold system.

The colour-coded valves and icons are easy to understand.

The MANIFOLD valves operate all the fluid system functions on the sprayer; easily reached and logically incorporated into the MASTER design.

1) Pressure manifold valve - tank rinsing / extra agitation
2) Pressure manifold valve - spraying / chemical filling
3) Return manifold valve
4) Suction manifold valve - main tank / rinse tank
5) Filling device
6) 15 l Clean water tank
7) TurboFiller
8) Dry level indicator
9) EVC operating unit with pressure relief and constant pressure
10) Self-Cleaning Filter
11) Rinse tank
12) Quick Hitch
13) Safety locker


HARDI Diaphragm Pump

The pump is mounted on the rear frame of the chassis, providing easy service access

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The MASTER liquid system is driven by the robust grease-lubricated HARDI diaphragm pump. The diaphragms separate the liquid from the vital parts of the pump such as its bearings and crankshaft, ensuring reliable and durable operation

  • Self-priming 

  • Able to run dry without damage 

  • Easy service pump 

  • No contact between chemicals and moving mechanical part

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Control Units

EVC Control Unit - remote controlled BK Control Unit - manually operated

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EVC Control Unit - remote controlled

  • The EVC electric controls feature remote-controlled section valves and pressure regulator. 
  • Section valves are fitted with a constant pressure device and a pressure drop line. 
  • Ability shut off individual sections and maintain accurateapplication rates.  
  • Vital parts of the EVC control unit are completely sealed off from the liquid.

BK Control Unit - manually operated

  • Pressure regulator
  • Valve for pressure agitation
  • Main ON/OFF valve
  • Pressure equalisation device
  • Pressure filter
  • HARDI-MATIC ensures a constant application rate regardless of speed variations within the same gear


Rinse tanks & Clean water tank

Rinse tanks - 80 litres Clean water tank - 15 litres

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Rinsing tanks
80 L RinseTanks (one or two) are integrated into the sprayer’s design to allow safe and efficient cleaning in the field

Clean water tanks
15 L clean water tank for personal hygiene



Optional Hose Reel

Hose reel with 30 m hose and spray gun

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  • Hose reel with 30 m hose and spray gun. 

  • The sprayer can be cleaned in the field.

Filter system

Self Cleaning Filter Suction Filter

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Self Cleaning Filter
The Self-Cleaning Filter is a very important safety feature, which minimises annoying downtime due to nozzle blockage and filter rinsing. 

Suction Filter

A large and colour-coded suction filter is mounted on the main tank upper surface to allow inspection without spillage of spray liquid - even when the tank is full.