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Flow based application rate control


All in one spit screen display, HC 9500 delivers flow-based or pressure-based application rate control. AutoSection control is unlocked, will control up to 13 boom sections and just needs a GPS signal to operate. 

Flow based application rate control uses conventional flowmeter at 1Hz or pressure-based rate control uses a pressure transducer at 20Hz.

Calibration data is typed in through the Virtual Terminal (VT) screen to encode the sprayer information into the display and JobCom electronic control unit (ECU). Sprayer data like tank size, boom width, number of boom sections, nozzles etc and the calibration proceedure is managed through this screen.

Sprayer features like DualBoom line, AutoBoom height, AutoTerrain, Direct Injection, Auto Steer are also controlled through the HC 9500 split screen display if selected.