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AutoTerrain explained

How HARDI makes height control even smarter

One bad ground strike can ruin your day – and your expensive spray boom.

Traditionally, vigilance and boom wheels were the key to keeping the boom off the ground. Now, ultrasonic sensors can help automate height control.

HARDI offers an AutoHeight option with many of its booms, and this kind of system helps keep the boom at an optimum height with no extra effort by the operator.

However it is still a reactive solution that responds to terrain changes under the boom… or directly under the sensors, to be precise. For that

At the same time, ultrasonic height sensors on the boom provide ’fine tuning’ measurements to keep each wing at its optimum height above the ground or crop, constantly adjusting the boom’s relationship to every contour.

Patented nitrogen accumulated plunge cylinders in the boom fold mechanism absorb yaw energy from the boom during accelerating and cornering, to deliver an even smoother and more predictable boom ride.

The pre-emptive advantages of managing roll through the centre, coupled with smooth adjustments and the super-stable height control, is why operators often say their AutoTerrain boom seems to ‘float’ over the hills

“...operators often say their AutoTerrain boom seems to ‘float’ over hills and hollows in their paddocks.”

reason, breakaways remain a last line of defence for your investment, in the rare event of a ground strike at the boom tip.

In contrast, HARDI’s AutoTerrain is a proactive system that incorporates boom management through the centre as well as on the wings.

This approach begins with our unique AutoTerrain Centre, which features roll sensors and a pendulum element that isolates the boom from the sprayer’s movements. The sensors control hydraulic roll cylinders, with coil spring dampeners to smooth out the adjustments.

As soon as the sensors detect any roll movement from the sprayer, the cylinders angle the boom through the pendulum to adjust tilt and slant. 

and hollows in their paddocks.

With ‘near-zero’ chance of a ground strike, even while maintaining 50cm above the soil, AutoTerrain makes protecting the boom effortless, and keeps the nozzles at the optimum height for overlap, coverage and drift control.

The way HARDI sets up the AutoTerrain Centre also helps lower inertia forces on the boom, reducing long term wear and tear just as effectively as the chance of a ground strike.

In other words, AutoTerrain is an investment that can repay you in multiple ways.