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Tradition and progress in Northam

The O’Driscoll farm at Grass Valley, WA, between Northam and Meckering, carries a lot of tradition. The current landowners, Damien and Glen O’Driscoll, represent the family’s fifth generation on the property - and the next generation is already working it with them.

However, that doesn’t mean they resist change…

So when Damien was ready to replace his boom sprayer after ten years, he

“It’s definitely lighter,” he says, “and the boom ride’s good – really stable. Our country can be pretty billy goaty, but the Auto-Height Control consistently keeps it off the deck.”

And his verdict after six months of using aluminium: “If you’ve got the money,” he advises, “I wouldn’t hesitate. 100 percent.”

Another new tradition on the O’Driscoll property is Auto-Section Control.

““I’ve never had a problem with HARDI.”” Damien O'Driscoll, Grass Valley, WA

was keen to see what innovations a new HARDI NAVIGATOR 6000 could deliver.

Having operated a HARDI NAVIGATOR 5030 for the past 10 years, O’Driscoll was sure he wanted another HARDI. “You get what you pay for,” he explains.

“The boom sprayer’s probably the most-used piece of equipment on the farm,” he notes. “And with the support we get from Boekeman Machinery, the HARDI agents out here, I’ve have never had a full day when I’ve been out of action.”

The big change was moving to an aluminium boom, after a tour of HARDI’s Adelaide factory convinced O’Driscoll they could deliver strength and quality without the weight of steel.

“Even though I’ve never had it before, I’ll never ever not have it again,” states Damien. “I love it.”

As far as he’s concerned, HARDI sprayers just keep getting better.

“It’s a similar setup but this one’s more user-friendly, especially for loading chemical,” says Damien O’Driscoll. “Ease of operation, ease of access – especially for loading chemical… I mean, everything’s good.”

“HARDI don’t sit on their hands,” approves O’Driscoll. “They’ve got a good product and they keep improving it.”

So even on a property that’s been in the same family for five generations, the new sprayer is a welcome change.