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Precision productivity with HARDI H-SELECT

Accuracy means added options for Victorian growers

The Sanford family have been farming their 5,260 hectare grain property on Victoria’s Mallee for four generations.

The latest addition to the operation is a new 9,000 litre HARDI RUBICON Self Propelled Sprayer with the latest H-SELECT nozzle control technology.

“We were looking to increase capacity from our 6200 litre Case Patriot,” Tim Sanford explains. “The RUBICON 9000 had the capacity but we needed it to have droplet 

The extra large capacity of the RUBICON 9000 helps there too, with fewer refill breaks and faster, computer-aided refilling when you do.

“27kph would be a fairly typical speed for us,” Sanford reports. “Even with refilling I’ve finished one of our 260 hectare paddocks in three hours. I was pretty happy with that.”

The Sanfords prefer to spray at reasonably high water rates and, with their previous sprayer, forward speed would be limited by the maximum flow rate.

“Now we can keep our speed up and H-SELECT just opens nozzles to provide the flow rate..."” Tim Sanford, Beulah, VIC

control too. H-SELECT was brand new when we started looking at the start of the year, but the more we learned the more it looked like the best solution for us.”

The Sanford’s property has a mixture of soils and terrain, including some ‘quite rough’ areas, and there is currently a mix of Canola, Barley, Wheat and Lentils to spray. So Tim uses H-SELECT’s flexible droplet control in a number of ways, including switching to a larger droplet when drift becomes an issue – along fence lines or if the wind comes up while he’s spraying.

“You don’t always know what droplet size you’ll need until you get to the paddock,” Tim says, “and things can change once you start spraying.”

“Being able to optimize your droplet to the conditions means you can finish the job."

“Now we can keep our speed up and H-SELECT just opens nozzles to provide the flow rate,” says Tim. “And you know the droplet size stays right.”

Equally, when they need to slow down in difficult country, H-SELECT uses its nozzle matrix to reduce the rate – maintaining both application and droplet accuracy.

On that kind of land, the HARDI PARAGON boom’s unique ride also comes into its own.

“You can see it just balances better,” says Tim. “If a front wheel drops, the boom just floats up there for a second and that stops it hitting the ground.”

“The RUBICON rides over the land very well,” Tim Sanford concludes, “and H-SELECT gives us the precise control we need.”