Sprayer components



Sprayer components


Drone-map every weed in your paddock up front, with centimetre accuracy, then transfer the data to the spray computer for processing.

Sensors on the boom continuously measure boom height and boom deflection and adjust each nozzle within micro-seconds to target each weed, at speeds up to 30kph and with a 99.7% accuracy rate.

The software calculates exactly how much chemical you will need before you start. By spraying only where required, chemical use can be reduced up to 90%


What is GeoSelect

A new spraying solution designed to save farmers money, time and create greater efficiency while working the harsh Australian landscape.

HARDI GeoSelect is not like any other spray system. With minimal on-boom hardware, it optimises boom ride, weed targeting, chemical preparation and sprayer speed. Work up to 30km/h to save time, chemical and running costs.

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The GeoSelect Difference

GEOSELECT allows spraying only where required, this relates to herbicide use and associated labour, maintenance and wastage expenditure up to 90% in certain conditions. GeoSelect cuts chemical use, costs, spray time and record keeping.

  • 90% Chemical Savings
  • Speeds up to 30km/h
  • Booms up to 54m
  • Self-Propelled and Trailed Sprayers
  • 99.7% hit rate
  • Centimetre Accurate Targeting
  • Incorporate Live Weather Data
  • Future Proofed (green on green, satellite scanning) 

*90% savings on chemical use and costs are based on current field trials and dependent on the level of weed infestation in paddock. Results will vary when there are different conditions involved, including but not limited to weed infestation rate / concentration, sprayer speed etc. 

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A digital impression of a paddock in Kadina

Spray Your Way

Selective Spray, Blanket Spray or both. Optimise spray delivery for a wide range of speeds - turn compensation, droplet control and simultaneous spot spraying allows chemical delivery like no other.

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Simply Smarter Savings

By drone mapping weeds, GeoSelect can be guided by just four light weight GNSS locators on the boom.

Weeds are pinpointed and sprayed with centimetre accuracy, by factoring all the dynamic variables in real-time – and all without the extra weight, wiring, and vulnerability of a camera array. 

Would you like to know how much you can save?

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Schedule a DEMO

There's nothing like experiencing it for yourself, to see how GeoSelect can help you cut chemical use, costs, spray time and record keeping.

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