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What is GeoSelect?

HARDI GeoSelect is not like any other spray systems. With minimal on-boom hardware it optimises boom ride, weed targetting, chmical preparation and sprayer speed. Work up to 30km/h to save time, chemical and running costs.

GeoSelect was developed for the Australian agriculture and conditions at HARDI headquarters in Adelaide, South Australia. The technology was developed in-house at HARDI Australia's by a team of experts in the organisation's Innovation Department.

It is HARDI's newest innovation in spraying technology which works in conjunction with HARDI's H-Select nozzle technology. GeoSelect is a new system which enables centimetre perfect herbicide appplication and can reduce costs by as much as 90 percent.

GeoSelect is a complete Agronomic Application System.

GeoSelect combines pre-scanned paddock insights with real-time metrics to enable strategic, accurate and accountable chemical application. By measuring levels of infestations and application efficacy over time, GeoSelect helps to you develop new and efficient strategies to combat weeds.

Total Agronomic Solution


A new way to spray

No more prescription maps that limit scale and size, dynamic map technology works with on-boom positioning sensors to spray and record at the centimetre level. A patented per-pixel processing algorithm works directly with high resolution data from drones, aircraft or satellites.


Strategic Decision Making


A Data Based Decision Making Tool

With awareness of your paddock’s condition prior to application you can save chemical, machine costs and time. Real-time feedback based on infestation and ambient conditions allows responsive operator actions to improve overall efficacy. 

Accurate Recording

A Proof of Placement

Multiple GNSS antenna on the boom are able to measure individual nozzle positions within centimetres regardless of the speed, direction or turn dynamics of the sprayer. GeoSelect records spray applications with next level accuracy and details.



Open Connectivity

Ambient data from nearby weather stations, mesonets, and other sources can be incorporated, real-time, into the spray processing engine allowing operators to visualise and act on this data in a meaningful way. GeoSelect gives farmers a level of feedback never before seen on a sprayer.

Open Connectivity

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