Instruction books

For machines produced during or after 2005, our instruction books are placed at Agroparts
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You can also find HARDI spare Parts Catalogue at Agroparts 

For older HARDI machines (before 2005) you can find instruction books below
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Title Filename Extension Size
674201_NL_Instruktionsbog_DK.pdf 674201_NL_Instruktionsbog_DK.pdf pdf 5,976.81 KB
674202_NL_GB.pdf 674202_NL_GB.pdf pdf 4,266.97 KB
674236_NL_F_96_04.pdf 674236_NL_F_96_04.pdf pdf 4,907.40 KB
674251_NL-E.pdf 674251_NL-E.pdf pdf 1,260.50 KB
674252_MONITOR_Instruktionsbog_DK.pdf 674252_MONITOR_Instruktionsbog_DK.pdf pdf 6,074.91 KB
674257_Monitor_DK_83_3.pdf 674257_Monitor_DK_83_3.pdf pdf 3,587.37 KB
674265_FIN_90_02.pdf 674265_FIN_90_02.pdf pdf 4,686.50 KB
674267_NL_NL.pdf 674267_NL_NL.pdf pdf 2,470.32 KB
674273.pdf 674273.pdf pdf 8,287.63 KB
674295_KS_TR_PU_UN_SR_GN_CT_GB.pdf 674295_KS_TR_PU_UN_SR_GN_CT_GB.pdf pdf 3,148.59 KB
674317_F_85_03.pdf 674317_F_85_03.pdf pdf 6,934.42 KB
674321_F_85_03_.pdf 674321_F_85_03_.pdf pdf 6,545.88 KB
674323.pdf 674323.pdf pdf 8,081.24 KB
674342_KS_TR_PU_D.pdf 674342_KS_TR_PU_D.pdf pdf 6,063.91 KB
674354.pdf 674354.pdf pdf 8,276.27 KB
674426_ME_LHY_GB.pdf 674426_ME_LHY_GB.pdf pdf 6,940.00 KB
674428_ME_LHY_DK_95_03.pdf 674428_ME_LHY_DK_95_03.pdf pdf 2,084.56 KB
674438_ME-LHY-FIN.pdf 674438_ME-LHY-FIN.pdf pdf 2,090.73 KB
674448_-_DK_95_04.pdf 674448_-_DK_95_04.pdf pdf 1,943.12 KB
674462_ME-LHZ-NL.pdf 674462_ME-LHZ-NL.pdf pdf 1,946.95 KB