Tank Capacity

3000 / 4000 / 5000 / 6000 l

Boom Width

18 - 36.5 m

Boom Types





Tank Capacity

3000 / 4000 / 5000 / 6000 l

Boom Width

18 - 36.5 m

Boom Types


Strong frame

The heavy-duty NAVIGATOR chassis is built in high-tensile Domex steel ensuring exceptional strength under the most difficult conditions. The design features the lowest possible centre of gravity, for overall stability, without compromising vital crop clearance.

No brake rods or steering components are lower than the axle, to minimise crop drag.

The drawbar connection on the tractor will always be the lowest point on the sprayer, and the tractor's axle is usually lower than the NAVIGATOR chassis.

The long drawbar is bolted underneath the frame, providing good driving stability and absorbing the up-and-down forces of uneven ground.


Easy inspections

NAVIGATOR is built for convenient inspection. A low front plaform with folding steps provides safe access to the main tank lid while the tank's design - with curved walls and a forward lid location - gives an excellent view of all internal surfaces.

All major electronics are located behind the right front cover, makign them easy to access and service, while fluid system components are grouped under a steel cover built into the front access platform. 

Suction filter and pressure gauges are mounted above this platform, so they are protected from the elements and easily monitored from the tractor seat.



NAVIGATOR is also available with the IntelliTrack drawbar for improved tracking and tighter turning. The IntelliTrack drawbar features a rearward-inclined pivot for optimum stability. Two large hydraulic cylinders work with proportional valves and advanced eletronics to ensure safe, accurate tracking through turns. 

If there is a risk that a high speed turn could compromise stability, Dynamic Electronic Control will prevent the cylinders from over-steering the drawbar. 

Using the system is simple. Once IntelliTrack has been calibrated, the operator only needs to hitch up NAVIGATOR and attach two small chains to the tractor before starting to spray.


Axles and brakes

NAVIGATOR provides a flexible choice of axle widths to suit any owner's tramlines, irrigation installation and crop spacings.

The 3000 and 4000 versions are available with 1.8 m or 2.0 m fixed widths, or a 1.5 m to 2.25 m adjustable track. NAVIGATOR 5000 and 6000 is offered with a 3.0 m fixed traclk or a 1.8 m to 2.25 m adjustable axle.  

The NAVIGATOR is offered with the choice of four different brake systems, or no brakes at all for the 3000 and 4000 litre versions. 

Regardless of the system installed, none of the braking components (such as brake arms or cylinders) will be lower than the main axle for optimum crop clearance.



The optional SmoothRide suspension is a simple and reliable system that needs virtually no maintenance.

Two polyurethane dampers absorb axle movements on uneven ground to give the tank and boom a smoother ride, allowing higher capacity and improving operator comfort. The suspension means the boom endures lower forces during road transport and while  spraying paddocks. This helps enable better height control for more accurate spraying, and contributes to boom life. 

The dampers are designed for the sprayer's full weight range, from full to empty.



The HARDI ParaLift parallelogram boom lift system has demonstrated its excellent performance on more than 20,000 trailed sprayers.

Compared to traditional H-frame systems, Paralift only requires basic lubrication and adjustment to perform reliably year after year. With no sliding parts, just horizontal bolts and an automatic mechanical transport lock, it provides excellent boom stability and control. 

Paralift is a push type system, meaning the hydraulic cylinder is extended while the boom is raised.


Main tank

The tough, durable polyethylene tanks of the NAVIGATOR are produced as a single seamless moulding. They have a very smooth internal surfaces surface with no sediment traps.

To keep the sprayer as stable as possible the tanks are made wider at the bottom and completely integrated into the frame design.

A sloping floor moves remaining liquid forwards as the tank is emptied, to maintain weight on the drawbar. This ensures that the tractor retains its traction, even when going up slopes with an almost empty tank.


Rinse tank

The optional 500 l RinseTank for NAVIGATOR carries plenty of water for both inside and outside cleaning, and is located over the rear axle to ensure consistent weight stability as the main tank is emptied.

The Rinse Tank is quickly filled via a 1" inlet in the sprayer WorkZone, and a level indicator on the left-hand side of the WorkZone is easily monitored during the various stages of cleaning.

Two rinse nozzles are included as standard with the Rinse Tank option.